Sunday, 12 November 2017


November 2017

Among the worst interview experiences that I have ever had. A completely self-obsessed cocky interviewer who was hell-bent on proving what a superman he was and how he can bring any interviewee to his knees. With gems of comments like, "Don't try to tell me", "I know this stuff inside out", "Don't try to teach me" and "I am not here to play multiple questions" he set the tone straight. And to clear any doubts that I might have had whatsoever, he got very personal and downright insulting in no time. So much for professionalism. My two cents suggest that he was outright jealous. He did make a point to ponder for a while about my London experience before proceeding forward.
Still for what it was worth here is a short transcript of the interview. To complete the experience add infinitely irritating self-amusing chuckles after every few questions.

What is OCC?
Why use OCC?
What's special about OCC?
Why not regular web-service modules provided by Hybris OTB?
How does data-mapping work in OCC?
What if a JS variable starts with a number and still needs mapping in OCC.
Discussing type aliasing didn't cut any ice.
What's the special authentication used by OCC? Auth2
How to generate Auth2 key?
What if two different users generate the Auth2 key?
How to ensure that the Auth2 key generated by both the users are different?