Tuesday, 13 December 2016

TCS interview

Date: 13 December 2016

General overview.
  1. Why do we use parent attribute when declaring beans?
    1. What could be the disadvantage of using parent?
  2. Have you ever used a prototype bean in Hybris?
  3. How to override an attribute?
    1. Is that even possible?
  4. General architecture of Hybris.
    1. Architecture according to J2EE.
  5. How to publish a web-service in Hybris?
    1. Which extensions are used to publish a webservice in Hybris?
  6. Which one is preferable: Collection or relation? Why?
  7. Which extensions are used for connecting with cybersource?
    1. Whole process of connecting with cybersource.
    2. Have you connected using CI?
  8. What functionalities does Hybris get from Spring?
  9. How to use SOP-HOP instead of SOAP?
  10. What is Hybris planning to do with Promotions in v6.0?
  11. Define OCC.
    1. Is OCC required for connecting to storefront?
  12. How does decorator work?
    1. On which layer does it exist?
    2. What if I modelService.save() something on a decorator?
    3. What is resolver?
  13. More about integration.

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