Thursday, 13 November 2014

Deloitte interview

Just had a telephonic interview with Deloitte. And Deloitte exploited Hybris real bad.

Hybris Questions:

  1. Lots of question about items.xml.
  2. Difference between Collection and relation?
  3. Dynamic attribute in an item type.
  4. How to declare an item?
  5. How to extend an item?
  6. Structure of items.xml.
  7. Various tags in items.xml.
  8. Difference between type and item.
  9. How to ensure that some particular attribute is not added to DB through persistence. Something to do with dynamic attribute.
  10. Catalog vs Catalog version?
  11. How many active catalogs are there?
  12. How to make more than one active catalog?
  13. Architecture of cockpit.
  14. What are interceptor? 
  15. How many types of interceptor?
  16. What is modelcontext?
  17. Difference between save() and saveall() in modelservice.
  18. Entire hierarchy of catalog. Whatever that means!
  19. Relation between cronjob and trigger.
  20. Flexiquery.getbyexample() or something like that.
  21. Impex structure.
  22. Lazy loading in hybris.
  23. Price Groups in Hybris
  24. What if the delimiter in impex file i.e.semicolon(;) is changed to something else. How can this be done? 
Then it was plain ol' Java stuff. Its remarkable how the java questions were so easy while Hybris ones were tougher beyond recognition.
  1. What is dynamic polymorphism, with examples.
  2. Difference between final, finalize and finally.
  3. Daemon threads
  4. Difference between ArrayList and LinkList.
  5. Difference between Set and HashSet.
  6. Objects in a JSP.
  7. Life-cycle of JSP.
  8. Tag files.
Now, all this and more was bombarded within 15 minutes. And my eager interviewer was asking the next question before i can answer the previous one.
Gotta say i feel quite drenched. Need a chilled cold coffee, though a nice fuck wont hurt either!!!!

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