Saturday, 15 November 2014

Noida Phase 2

Noida Phase 2 is a shithole in a larger shithole called Noida. Actually Noida is not even a real place. Its just an acronym for "North Okhla Industrial Development Area". There are no railway stations, airports or decent localities. However, what makes it very real is the crime that's increasing exponentially. And as if this was not enough they came up with a novel concept. One fine day the government guys bored with years of tea and politics came up with a brilliant idea. Yo Dawg. Lets make a Noida within Noida so you can do crime while you do crime.
Yo Dawg!!!

 And then there was light. Apart from the fact that there are no means to reach there and your mobile phone will stop receiving any signal, they have started charging 10 bucks for even entering the God forsaken place. Needless to stay it gets even better as night approaches. But the best part of Noida Phase 2 are the companies that dwell there. Last time when i visited one i have to go through a warehouse cross a beaten track to reach another warehouse which bravely displayed the company logo. On asking the guard about the whereabouts of the firm i had my 'Alice in Wonderland' moment. He stooped, literally, pulled a few levers and lifted a shutter to reveal an entire company inside. Lo and behold. Next time i went for walk-in a company which was virtually established in a disco.
What adventures await when i will visit it next time is stuff for nightmares.

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