Monday, 17 November 2014

Hong Kong and Singapore Based Firm

Telephonic for a Singapore based firm with clients in Hong Kong.


  1. What is AOP?
  2. What is DI?
  3. What is IOC?
  4. How many types of IOC?
  5. How to inject bean using constructor?
  6. How to inject bean using setter?
  7. How many types of beans?
  8. Life cycle of beans?
  9. Example of singleton bean?
  10. Is it thread safe?
  11. When does singleton get instantiated?
  12. When does prototype get instantiated?
  1. What is dynamic polymorphism?
  2. What is interface?
  3. Why use interface when we have abstract class?
  4. How to restrict a method from being overridden?
  5. Can private methods be overridden? 
  6. Can static methods be overridden?
  7. Can non-static content be referenced from a static method?
  8. What if system.exit() is called in a try block?
  9. StringBuilder vs StringBuffer?
  10. What is volatile keyword?

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