Saturday, 18 April 2015

Born Group


Round I:
There were very long uncomfortable pauses between each question.
  1. What all modules in hybris have you worked upon?
  2. How to use the REST webservices of hybris?
  3. How to use the SOAP webservices of hybris?
  4. How to create a SOAP client?
  5. How to do a server side validation using Spring?
  6. What all classes are in Collections framework?
  7. Difference between ArrayList and LinkedList?
  8. How to define a cronjob in Hybris?
  9. How to customize solr?
  10. How does data from solr comes to Product listing page?
  11. What is association?
  12. How to implement association in hybris?
  13. Which element implement association in hybris in items.xml?
  14. Implementing cardinality in hybris?

    Lots of questions about web-services, spring MVC and their implementation in Hybris.
Round II:
    1. What is deployment table in hybris? How is it stored internally?
    2. Entire story about WCMS?
    3. Simple database table to store details of a family and their relations.
    4. How to override a service or any bean in java? What are the best practices?
    Round III:
    HR round
       This is where it gets interesting. The HR's have a mood swing. One moment they are the nicest, coolest most co-operating saints in corporate industry. Next moment they turn angry, fussy, exceptionally dumb, bullies. And then they turn back to their efforts for canonization. Just bear with their antics and any revolutionary idea that they come up with. Having said that these guys like to believe that they are an elite club of hybris nerds. And this means that they won't mind dolling out large lumps of CTC to pump their egos. Good for them, good for us.
    My advice is that negotiate hard, they are willing to walk the extra mile.  

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