Friday, 6 November 2015

Q3 Technologies

Date: 6 November 2015
Venue: JMD Megapolis IT Park, Sector-48, Gurgaon
The building has a wonderful architecture!!!

After a terrible wait of 1 hour.


  1. Full WCMS story.
  2. Difference between CSFT and CSFP?
  3. In a box show the entire process of Solr functionality by drawing everything.
  4. Which pages use Solr?
  5. How does Solr get data from hybris DB? Surely, we don't send the entire data.
  6. Where is the entry that, which product type (Style variant, size variant, etc.) needs to be indexed? solr.impex was expected!!!
  7. Difference between ant, ant clean, ant all and ant clean all?
  8. Which of them compiles the code?
  9. What new files or what changes will happen if these are run after generate="true"?
  10. What do you mean by "build successful"?
  11. Entire presentation layer?
  12. When is facade needed? When it is not? Answer: Needed only for storefront.
  13. What happens at DAO layer?
  14. Full process of making a new form entry, starting from form at front-end to DB.
  15. Tell me something about spring security in Hybris.
  16. What is singleton?
  17. Why is it created?
  18. Difference between @Resource and @Autowired?
  19. What should be done at service layer? What not?
  20. What should be done at facade layer? What not?
  21. Why use converter/populator?
  22. What is the order of AtomicType,Collection,Map,Items,etc. in items.xml? Can we change the order?


Date: 6 November 2015


  1. What are the different types of interceptors?
  2. Which one gets called when?
  3. How to disable a particular interceptor?
  4. How to do interceptor mapping?
  5. How to create a new interceptor?
  6. How to create a cronjob?
  7. How to create a new widget?
  8. How to make modifications in cockpit?
  9. I want to ensure that only a particular catalog is visible to a particular user group. How do I do that? Hint : Access rights
  10. I want to show a product catalog to a user in cockpit but not the products?!
  11. Use of autocreate in items.xml.
  12. Why use mapping over collection?
  13. What all classes a generated on ant clean all?
  14. What is the use of DTO?
  15. When "" is already there the why use ""?
  16. How does Solr indexing work?
  17. Why index products? Why not orders?
  18. Why prefer indexing over flexi-query?
  19. How to create a component?
  20. How to create a process?
  21. What all files need to be modified? 
  22. Any DB entries?


Date: 5 November 2015


  1. Difference between List and Set?
  2. How does Set ensure unique values?
  3. What if I want to add multiple objects with same values to Set (or something like that).
  4. Why hashcode() when equals is already there?
  5. Difference between HashMap and HashTable?
  6. Which of them takes "null" value for key?
  7. What if two objects with same values are pushed in HashMap?
  8. Why should the HashMap key be immutable?
  9. What are immutable object? Example in java.
  10. How many objects are created for different cases of String creation?
  11. In what scenarios will the different String objects result true for == and equals?
  12. What is Java SOLID? Hint: SOLID is an acronym.

Design Pattern:

  1. Name a few.
  2. What are build patterns?


  1. What is singleton?
  2. What is prototype?
  3. What about a singleton bean inside prototype?
  4. What about a prototype beans inside singleton?
  5. Bean life cycle?
  6. Dispatcher servlet?
  7. Entity manager at DAO?
  8. Spring MVC entries.
  9. What if there is a cyclic dependency between beans.
  10. What is DI?