Thursday, 13 November 2014

Interview dare of the century

Tomorrow i will attempt the interview dare of this century. Okay, maybe that's exaggerated a bit, but I will be attending three interviews back to back on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All of them in very well reputed firms. The catch is that i am not intending to join any of them.

  1. Ebix solutions: Or should i say, some Ebix Solutions. Must be a small firm with couple of employees and even lesser projects running on support. As usual, they will ask the finest of the finest details of Java and J2EE. Stuff that you never use in development, with the sole purpose of proving that interviewer is the most awesome dude in documented universe. The interview is scheduled from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. I am planning to visit around 3:00 pm. The location is some God-forsaken place in Noida extension.
  2. Amazon: Here it gets interesting. Its AMAZON guys. Yes, that one firm for which honest, good to earth engineers will slit throats and dance nude. Its simply the best that India has to offer, apart from Microsft, Google, Adobe, Google and Facebook. And if you clear this one then you are licensed to get selected in all of them. However, its not exactly an easy-peesy task. Amazon (and the likes) are obsessed with algorithms and data structures beyond your wildest imaginations. They want you to create a double link list out of a red-brown tree that satisfies AVL by using stacks that are implemented through queues for a data that is arranged in a sparse matrix in O(1). Yes O(1), O(n) is not enough O(log n) is not enough and even though the question might ask you to sort entire libraries the answer HAS to be in O(1). Still, there are tips and tricks. Decent amount of time on GeeksForGeeks and similar websites can provide you with some ammo. How lethal it is can only be confirmed in the interview. By the way, how do i know all this? Well, because i have attended the interview before as well. Though i have told the HR that i have never been through one. This interview is on Saturday in some 5-star hotel. Sounds promising.
  3. HCL: Good old HCL. The Flying Dutchman must always have a captain. Any job seeker must always go to HCL. I already have an entire post on my previous experience. What happens on coming Sunday, must not be very different. Again, i lied to the HR guy about never attending an interview there.
All in all, its gonna be hectic as hell. I can only wish that they are not releasing any must-watch movie this weekend and i am really glad about catching 'Interstellar' last week. Also, pardon me for any silly mistake in the article. The bloke sitting in front is watching a scantily clad Gauhar Khan and it isn't exactly serving as a booster to my concentration. And, they say i am the only one does not do any work in the company. Anyway guys keep watching this space for more. Long live interview tourism.

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    Can you please share the coding round questions from unicommerce??
    I posted on that post as well.