Monday, 4 August 2014

HCL Interview Walk In

Date : 26 July 2014
             It's right behind Amity University. Hire an auto from Sec-37 or get one from Kalindi Kunj (if you are coming from Delhi). It's strange how both of them charge you the same amount.

    The event being a walk-in, was swarmed by job seekers from nook and corners of Delhi-NCR. A long line awaited entry in the much-desired HCL building. The guard provides an entry slip (make sure to keep it carefully). You will be asked to return it on exit. Also, an id for verification would be required (PAN, Passport, Voter ID or Driver Licence). Its pathetic how grown ass bastards (mostly girls), don't bring an i-card and start whining before the guard. Bhaiyaaaaa...plzzzzzzz......Also, they will keep your bags before they move you for interview. So, make sure that you do not bring anything valuable. Then i was moved for the interview. And this is where i got judgmental. The seating arrangement was made in the basement cafeteria which boasted of an abominable stink. With the HR, busy, having her larger than life phone call, petty issues like collecting resumes, sorting them and then calling the candidates for interview were left to the guards. They created two groups according to the experience level, candidates with 3+ years of experience and candidates with less than 3 years of experience. Finally the concerned HR guy showed up. Took a few resumes and called the guys to first floor. Here, i was asked to wait for some time. This hall however did appear to be the waiting room of India's premier IT firm. Much to my relief. There were sofas, paintings and a terrace garden. Really what were they thinking when they zeroed in on the basement. Also, a few HR's were also running around looking busy. I had expected a long wait before my name is called upon as the hall was jam packed. Instead i was called pretty early. 

Round I:

No conference room again. I was simply sent to some guys desk. 
Q.1 Comparator vs Comparable?
Q.2 What are Collections?
Q.3 How many objects are there in a JSP?
Ans. 9
Overview: I totally failed to get this one. While i replied with session, application and config, i failed to put down the entire list. JSP also has a special object by the name of pageContext. The interviewer was pretty satisfied though. 
 This was followed by basic discussion of who i am and what i do (in corporate sense). All through the interview i observed a sulking demeanor in my esteemed interviewers attitude. Clearly, he did not like his job. Then he got personal and started asking why i want to switch and why i want to switch to a firm like HCL (no positive vibe was observed in his statement). Then came the grand confession. He was a former employee in my current firm. And though he moved to HCL he does acknowledges that HCL does not pay very well. To my horror he straightaway jumped to the discussion regarding package. I was expecting a package of 7, (my current package being 4.5). And for some strange reason i got real comfortable around him. Now i realize how funny it was, but right there i lifted my leg and crossed it over the other while sulking back in the chair. The guy did give me a disapproving nod but i just did not cared. Getting even more candid he came to the point. HCL does not gives 7 to a guy with less than 3 years of experience. At max i can get 6 but that's it and even that's highly unlikely. Then he took his feedback form. Wrote my skills over there and randomly scored me 2 and 2.5 in all of them. The marking was perhaps on a scale of 5.

Round II:

Finally some professionalism and a conference room.


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