Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sonata interview

Q.1 Tell me about your project?
Q.2 Design patterns (structural, behavioural)?
Ans. Business delegate  and MVC are incorrect answers.
Hint# Related to JavaEE
Q.3 Best sorting technique?
Q.4 Space and time complexity of merge sort?
Q.4 Where does log (n) comes in merge sort?
Q.5 Why is public satic void main(String args[]) so?
Q.6 What if we change pulic to private or protected?
Q.7 Why is main static?
Q.8 Could the return type of main be int?
Q.9 Scope of beans?
Ans. Singleton, prototype, global, etc.
Q.10 How to define singelton bean without sring framwork?
Q.11 Can we have setter and constructor injection?
Q.12 What is inversion of control, Spring ?
Q.13 Can we have two items.xml files in a project?
Q.14 Can we have two spring.xml files in a project?
Q.15 What is the tag by which we create a relationship between two id's/components in an items.xml files?
Q.14 How many extensions are there in hybris? How many have you worked upon?

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