Friday, 30 August 2013

One97 Communications Limited

Interview: One97 Communications Limited
Location : B-121, Sector -5 , Noida
Date : 20 August 2013
                Within a kilometer from Noida Sector-15 metro station. Got ripped by auto-wala. Paid him 40 bucks for getting from metro to the office. While returning i paid only 10 bucks for the same journey. Great way to start an interview.

Written test has three sections.
1. Aptitude
2. Java (objective type)
3. Programs and sql queries.


1.  M N O
     M N O
     M N O
+   M N O
    P O N

Find the value of  M, N, O and P ? (And stop giggling on the double meaning.)

How many triangles are in this large triangle?
Ans.  543 (weird, huh. There is an entire blog post about how weird this question is...How many triangles in my cat?)

3. A murder took place after 10 pm at night. The lone witness recorded that the clock stopped at the exact time of murder. Later it was revealed that the hands on the clock remained on the same position, however their position were interchanged. What was the actual and claimed timing of the murder?

4. Find the next number in the series ( 1 2 4 13 81 122). (I am missing a number or two).

Lots of questions about how to tell the order of arrangement of items.
Example: 5 books are arranged on a shelf. A is next to B, C is between A and D and similar stuff.

5. In a game of chess i defeated "the only brother of daughter of my grandmother". Who did i defeat?
Ans. Father


Very easy questions about boolean expressions, threads, garbage collection and inner classes.

Q.1 Which expression is same as (a>=b)
Ans.    !(a<b)


Q.1 WAP to sort an alphanumeric array of String.
   Example: {a1,j3,b2,v4} should be sorted to {a1,b2,j3,v4}.

Q.2 WAP to reverse the order of words (not characters) in  a character array.
  Example: cat boy bell bottle                      becomes                      
                 bottle bell boy cat

Q.3 WAP to print all absolute numbers between 100 and 999. Absolute numbers are those where left digit is always smaller than the right digit. Example: 345

Q.4 Suppose on facebook a user puts his status and then others comment on that status.
So, a situation like this evolves:

User 1 : My status 1
FB user 2: comment1
FB user 3: comment2
FB user 2: comment3
FB user 4: comment5

User 2 : My status 2
FB user 2: comment6
FB user 3: comment7

FB user 2: comment8

All this is stored in a table status_table as ID, Status, FB_User, Comment
Find the number of comments done by each user on a particular status.

Q.5 There are two tables

Customer (customer_id, name ,phone ,address)

Order(Order_id, date, customer_id, quantity)

Write a query to display the order of each customer along with his name and other details. Their may be some customers in customer table that do not have any order in order table. So, in front of their name, address, etc. their order details should all be displayed as NULL.

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  1. Very Good Blog. Could you remember some more Java questions ?? and how much total time was given for test. ?