Monday, 12 August 2013

Random Interview

  1. What did you do in project?
  2. Which version of Spring did you use?
  3. Which server did you use?
  4. Was the Spring that i used Spring based or XML based?
  5.  If we declare a variable in class A as final. How can multiple objects be created of class A with different values of that variable?
  6. A class implements an interface and extends an abstract class. Both the interface and the abstract class have the same method/method signature. Now can we override that method in the subclass?
  7. If we declare the method as private in abstract class then what happens?
  8. What's the difference between a JAR and a WAR file?
  9. How to distinguish between a JAR and a WAR file if both are presented in .txt format?
  10. In thread what does join(), notify(), wait() do?
  11. Difference between Link List and Set?
  12. Difference between Array List and Vector?
  13. Does return type have any role in overloading/overriding?
  14. Between Array and Link List which is more effective and when?
  15. Which one between Array and Link List should be used when frequent insertion and deletion is involved?
  16. What actually happens when we delete an element in an array?
  17. Order of Array List and Link List.
  18. What is dependency injection?

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